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Nov. 26th, 2011

Got no control

Ϟ 3 Ϟ

[Naturally, when everything gets destroyed, the first order of business is to look for the ones you are close too. Which is exactly what Misaka did.

Only to find Mikoto's limp and lifeless body on the ground.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. As a clone, Misaka should have died far before her original, even if she promised to try her hardest to stay alive. Misaka dropped to her knees beside the body, staring at it.

'Get up,' Misaka pleads, unable to understand why you are laying on the ground in such a manner.

[Of course, Mikoto is dead, and though her clone knows this, she can't quite comprehend such a thing at the moment as she reaches out to try and nudge her awake.]

Sep. 30th, 2011

You're just a drone

Ϟ 2 Ϟ

A, Action: School

[There are some serious disadvantages from being from a point much farther in the future then the fifties. One of which being that you know so much more then what is being taught. The second that well, you're a know it all clone that can't shut up when it comes to expressing facts.

Which has landed a certain clone in detention for 'rebelling against school authorities one too many times'. She's only just leaving the detention room now to go home.

B, Action: Park

[What a lonely figure sitting at this picnic bench all by herself. Hunched over the table, pencil in hand and paper underneath her as she lays on it. Looking around at the park instead of the paper.]

Aug. 7th, 2011

A Meteorite

Intro of Intro-ness!

A. Phone, Unfiltered

'This archaic piece of technology is large, unwieldy and rather unconventional considering the technological advancements that have happened since its invention,' Misaka states while examining the equipment with a frown.

'A mobile cellular device would be a lot more efficient and effective then this, with the cord limiting the possible range achievable while talking,' Misaka gives valid concerns about the product.

[She pauses in her speech, clearly considering something before she continues in her strange manner of speaking, narrating what she's doing after each time. It's just like getting a story book read to you!]

'It is also inefficient considering the fact that there is human power directing the calls, and therefor prone to misdirected calls,' is what Misaka is nervous about using this out dated technology. 'Simply put, there is too much room for error.'

B. Action, Around Bunker street

[Obviously the first thing you do when you end up in a completely foreign place without any abilities what-so-ever, you explore, though she's not quite straying to far from her house. Just wandering up and down the street, mostly.]

Mar. 31st, 2011

Synthetic soul

Since it has come to my attenion

That confusing speech pattern is really fucking confusing, I'll just put it here.

Basically, though it seems like I'm constantly prosing with Misaka 10032, I'm not.

'This is how Misaka normally speaks,' Misaka announces, trying to convince you of such.

Everything in bold is her speaking, yes, this even includes her narrating her own actions.

If it is[between brackets and small] then it is truly an action, and she is not narrating it, though sometimes I'll skip these out all together, as it's a bit redundant to have her narrate, and then put the action in brackets. :>



Mar. 25th, 2011

You're just a drone


Since I'm bound to fuck something up eventually with Imouto.

this is a pretty HOWS MY DRIVING~*~ post. Tell me what needs to be worked on, if I fuck up somewhere or if I should do something different! 

Anon is on
IP logging is on but thats because idk how to turn it off DONT WORRY THOUGH i dont know how to use it


Threadhopping with this character?: GO FOR IT. Just make sure I'm aware and the other person is aware! Don't be shy about it though!

Backtagging with this character?: Fuck yes. Idc, tag me back a week, month, or even five years later, and I'd me more then happy to continue!

Hugging this character?:  Don't expect a hug back. Unless you're ~*~Touma~*~

Giving this character a kiss?: If you're keen to either her being unresponsive or even possibly electrocuting you, go for it.

(Something more intimate?): UH. it'd take a metric fuck tonne of CR if your name is not Touma, or if something weird happens. But yeah, sure, why not? :3

(Relationships?):  They'll build up over time.

Punching this character (provided they can fight back): Yep. Go for it, but she can and will fight back. She has military training, and with the collar on in a_facility, she can only create up to 25,000 volts of electricity compared to her usual ability to create 50,000. However, that's still more then enough to fry your ass and paralyze you/mess with your bio-electricity. She won't hurt you too bad though. Unless, you know, you're trying to kill her.

(Injury?): Go for it, especially minor things like cuts/bruises etc.  Broken bones are a contact me first, but generally I'll say yeah, go for it.

(Death?): Contact me first, and we'll work it out.

Is there anything you do not want mentioned near this character?: Everything is free game, I guess?

Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character?:  She's pretty expressionless, but she'll always narrate whatever she is feeling afterwards most of the time.

Also making her use magic is an A+++ way to get her to either throw up blood or end up with cuts all over her body. Espers and Magic don't mix.

Anything else, please mention here: AIM is xcrownedxclownx. don't hesitate to contact me if you're unsure of something! :3

Mar. 19th, 2011

Synthetic soul

app for a_facility

OOC Information:
Name: Yak
Age: 19
AIM: xcrownedxclownx
MSN: comet_dance@hotmail.com
Y!M: fabulousfibia
E-MAIL: comet_dance@hotmail.com

IC Information:
Name: Misaka #10032
Fandom: To aru Kagaku No Railgun/To aru Majutsu No Index
Timeline: Episode 22 of the Index Anime, Season 2
Age: Biologically 14-15. More than likely manufactured only a few months before the story, however.

Misaka #10032 is a clone of the Railgun esper, Misaka Mikoto, and unlike Last Order, is exactly identical to Mikoto in every way appearance wise, minus her lack of facial expression, as well as her lack of cow-lick on her short, light brown hair. Like all other clones, (also baring Last Order), She wears a special set of military goggles that enables her to see electron beams and magnetic field lines, because like all Sisters, she can't perceive them without the aid of said military grade goggles.

Misaka 10032 wears the winter school uniform of Tokidawa Middle school, and unlike Mikoto, wears blue and white striped panties instead of shorts underneath the skirt (originally the only way Touma could tell them apart). She speaks in a monotone fashion, and her body language is just as formal, with excellent posture (as described in a 4koma).


First and foremost, she is an 'Electromaster', like all clones in the series. IE, she controls electricity using her esper abilities. However, she has only 1/20,000th of the original Misaka Mikoto's abilities. Touma once remarked that 1/20,000 of 1 billion volts is still 50,000 volts, however.

Secondly, being a clone that was originally produced for the "Radio Noise" project, her ability Radio Noise gives her a type of telepathy between the other clones, as well as links them up to the "Misaka Network" to share her memories and experiences. However, she can refrain from sharing certain experiences if she wishes too. One of the consequences of the Radio Noise ability is that every clone improves their fighting ability with every battle, even though they themselves may not have fought. Initially the clones couldn't go above lever 2, however because of the Life Or Death combat situations, they were then able to be ranked at Level 3.

Misaka 10032 has been programmed with extensive military training, and is able to use sniper rifles and submachine guns with ease and accuracy. The clones are so adept in military training, that at one point she (Misaka 10032) is able to shake her pursuer Shirai Kuroko who had mistaken her for the original Mikoto. In canon, it's noted how hard it is for anyone to escape from an esper with the teleportation ability, yet, Misaka 10032 was able to do it just fine.

As an ending note, Misaka 10032 also puts off an electromagnetic field stronger than a regular humans, which animals are sensitive too, and will find it uncomfortable to be close to her because of.


All clones have very little emotion, having been chemically suppressed, and at the beginning, do not consider themselves actual living beings. It is only later, after Touma saves them from Accelerator, that she and the other clones develop an attachment to life, and even gets territorial around Touma after falling in love with him, teasing the original, Misaka Mikoto for not being honest with her feelings around him.

To most people, Misaka 10032 will appear, upon first meeting, to be quite emotionless. She speaks in a monotone fashion, and her body language is just as formal, with excellent posture (as described in a 4koma). After digging a bit deeper, they may find she is quite curious about the world, and will try things out if people mention such things to her, though she will not do something she thinks won't work, as seen in an episode where a kitten was afraid of her because of the higher electromagnetic field she unconsciously puts off, and refused to touch the animal, even though she likes cats greatly.

Misaka 10032 acts like a fairly normal girl, though you wouldn't exactly be able to tell from the lack of facial expression. She does, however, get fairly protective over animal shaped sweets, unable to tell them apart from actual animals. Which, just like with the original, can cause her to emit sparks from anger or frustration if they get hurt, though she doesn't spark electricity anywhere near as often as Misaka Mikoto. Also, Misaka 10032 has a rather annoying trait of making small jibes at others for her own amusement, like when Last Order, her superior, got locked out of the apartment.


Misaka #10032 first meets Touma (the protagonist of To Aru Majutsu no Index) while he's carrying the drinks from a vending machine that Mikoto had gone all out on. After he trips on a tennis ball and falls, spilling the drinks everywhere, Misaka #10032 helps him pick them up and bring them back to his dorm. When Touma mistakes her for Misaka #10031, Misaka #10032 corrects him by saying she came from another direction.

When she arrives at the dorms, she finds out that Touma is living with both Index and Himegami Aisa. She suspiciously refers to it as a hobby, though he denies her accusations. Misaka 10032 helps to get rid of the fleas on Touma and Index's cat by electrocuting them, and also gives advice to how to get rid of the remainder still in the house.

A day later, Misaka 10032 is caught by Touma again, this time she's attempting to feed and care for a small kitten. She manages to con Touma into carrying the cat after telling him the cat doesn't like her because of the electromagnetic field she produces. At Touma's advice to name the cat, she comes up with names such as 'Dog', 'Schrödinger' and a few others which Touma rejects. Though they stop at a book store, they realize they cannot bring the cat inside, and Touma throws the cat to her while he goes inside to buy a book.

Unfortunately, while waiting outside, Misaka senses Accelerator, and is forced to leave the cat on the side walk for an experiment. When Touma exits the store and finds her missing, he goes looking for her, and in a nearby alleyway, he finds the body of Misaka #10031, mistaking her for Misaka #10032. After alerting the police, he returns to the scene and sees her carrying a body bag, Misaka #10031's body inside, though she refuses to tell him any information relating to the LEVEL 6 SHIFT experiment.

The next day, it is Misaka #10032's turn to face off against Accelerator in the next experiment, though her thoughts keep wandering off back to Touma. Though, because it is a windless night, she believes she has an advantage against Accelerator, and turns the oxygen into ozone around him to suffocate him. It doesn't take long for Accelerator to realize what is going on, however, and counter attack. Before Accelerator can finish her off, Touma stops him, even despite her protests that she is only a clone that can be reproduced with only a push of a button. To this, Touma replies: "You're the only Misaka 10032 in the world."

Even though Touma is severely outclassed in the fight against Accelerator, the original Misaka Mikoto shows up, begging Misaka 10032 to help protect Touma, and end the experiment without anyone else having to die. Though she doesn't quite understand why, she helps, contacting the other clones within Academy City to spin the wind turbines, creating enough wind to disrupt Accelerators plasma ball, and with their help, Touma beats Accelerator.

After the fight, Misaka 10032 later visits Touma in the hospital, and checks his vital signs by pressing his hand to her chest. To Touma's disappointment, however, he isn't able to feel a thing because of the anaesthesia. Before she leaves, she tells Touma that all of the clones need to have special treatment to extend their lifespans, because their bodies were not meant to last very long, as they were only supposed to be used for fodder for Accelerators battles. She tells him they will meet again, and then leaves.

Later on, Misaka 10032 is seen asking for Touma's help, despite her state of health deteriorating quickly after she finds out that the experiment could be restarted if the Tree Diagram gets repaired. She is able to get him to where Musujime Awaki and Shirai Kuroko are fighting. After the conflict, Touma sees her naked in an oval cylinder with liquid, though she does not get angry, instead simply just covering the lower part of her body.

The day before Vento's attack on Academy city, Misaka 10032 meets Last Order, who was locked out of the house because of the auto locking mechanism. Misaka 10032 is amused at this, and makes a few jibes at her superior, which causes Last Order to throw a small fit, before requesting to see Misaka 10032's goggles, which Misaka 10032 denies, though Last Order does get her to bend down, planning to swipe them.

And that ends where I am taking her from, before the goggles get snatched.

Roleplay Sample - Log:

Having been only in existence for a few short months, 10032 had never seen anything quite like ice. She knew of it from the data provided to her upon creation, but she had never physically seen it before. 10032 knew it was cold, and knew it was slippery. The clone, however, had not realized just how easy it was to slide upon the ice.

Which had some rather disastrous results when she had exited the room finally, taking only one step onto the surface. One step was all it took to send Misaka 10032 sliding down the hallway struggling for balance, before falling on her rear end painfully on the ground.

"'Ouch,' winces Misaka, reaching back to rub the tender area while she sits on the cold ice, having not expected the floors to be that hard to walk on." The Superior, Last Order, had informed her that there were skates available for wear in the cafeteria. The only problem being that, well, she would have to get to said cafeteria first.

Misaka 10032 stood, keeping her hand pressed firmly against the wall for support, before taking much smaller, much more hesitant steps towards the stairs. And hopefully, an easier mode of transportation on these floors.

Roleplay Sample - Journal:

'Though Misaka has been informed by The Superior that this place is not as bad as it seems, Misaka still has her doubts, especially having been kidnapped somehow without Misaka's knowing,' Misaka states in an unsure tone, fiddling slightly with the trigger to the audio button on the piece of technology.

[Though she is narrating herself, and telling you that her tone is unsure, Misaka neither looks, nor sounds unsure about anything, facial expression simply a blank stare, broken by periodic blinks.]

'Misaka would like to formally request more information on this place, to any and all who would be willing to fill Misaka in,' Misaka states to the unknown audience, requesting assistance with information, ending the sentence with a small bow of her head as is common.

Questions? Comments? Crazed and creative statements? Those go here.
Last Order is her Superior, and as such, she's forced to follow commands from the loli! Also, can she keep the goggles? O: